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We have an open invitation to showcase the beauty of your God-given gift. Let your creativity flow and your faith shine as we unite in purpose and passion. Join us in this celebration of the divine within each of us. Let’s spread light, encouragement, and inspiration to a world that thirsts for it.

Share Your God-Given Gift with the World

We believe that every individual is uniquely crafted by God, bestowed with remarkable talents and gifts that have the power to inspire, uplift, and transform lives. Our Instagram and Facebook page is a platform dedicated to celebrating those gifts and amplifying your voice in a world that needs hope and encouragement.

Do you have a God-given talent or message that you want to be shared with the world?

Whether you’re a musician, an artist, a writer, an educator, or simply someone with a insight to offer, your contribution holds immense value. Our platform is a space where you can not only showcase your talents but also touch lives in ways you might have never imagined. Share your music that uplifts spirits, artwork that speaks volumes, educational content that empowers, and insights that bring clarity to the seekers. By coming together under the banner of faith, we can create an even more profound impact.

How to Share Your
Christian Content

Sharing your gift with the WeThrive community is as simple as can be.

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Start by following our accounts to show your support.

2. Tag Us

Just tag us on your favourite social media platform using our appropriate handle below. 

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Don't forget to include the hashtag #wethriveca in your posts.
If you are wanting to share music you can also tag @ChristianMusicMondays

3. We'll Repost Your Content

Our team will be on the lookout for your posts an you might find yourself featured on our platform, reaching an audience that's hungry for the positive and the uplifting.

If we repost your content we makre sure to tag you and give you credit so that people can visit your account for more goodness.

Be Part of Something Bigger

By sharing your God-given gift with WeThrive, you’re not just contributing to a website – you’re contributing to a movement. A movement that stands for inspiration, hope, and the power of faith. Your talent has the ability to touch lives, kindle spirits, and bring solace to those in need. Together, we can create ripples of positivity that spread far beyond the confines of our digital space.

Thank you for being a part of the WeThrive Christian Inspiration journey. Together, we can truly make a difference.